OKR & KPI Framework

We provide training and consulting interventions for implementation of OKR Framework. During consulting assignment we engage with client to assist in defining Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives. We follow best practices during implementation of OKR Framework thus helping clients avoid pitfalls. We create tight linkage throughout the cascading process by engaging broad base of stakeholders.

OKR is a goal-setting and management framework that helps in identifying the Objectives and then the Key Results to track the outcome. OKR Framework helps everyone in the organization to see progress toward common goals and helps organizations in achieving goals through specific and measurable actions.

OKR is a powerful tool for operationalizing the organizational strategy that creates linkage between Strategy, Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives.

An Objective is identification of a condition that you would like to achieve in the future – it sets the direction and is “What” of OKR Framework. Whereas a Key Result is a measurable outcome needed to achieve the Objective and is the “How” of OKR Framework.


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