Behavioral Competency Assessment

Behavioral Competencies are essential in aiding high-achieving companies to attain excellence in performance.

Every job requires a specific set of behavioral competencies that vary depending on the type of job, the different stages of expertise, and the position of an employee on organizational hierarchy.

The Competency Assessment Framework, CAF, is an automated tool that helps with the assessment of employees for behavioral competencies and provides focused identification of developmental needs.

CAF performs 360° assessments of behavioral competencies. Being a customizable framework, it has the option to include assessments, in any combination, by supervisor, peers, subordinates or self.

Through CAF, not only do we provide employee ratings, but also an in-depth analysis on selected behavioral competencies.

The framework allows management to measure the scale of an employee’s behavioral competency and provides an actionable development roadmap by providing a way of enhancing level of behavioral competencies that people need to perform their job.

CAF assessments bring the following benefits that enhance organizational performance:

  • Enhanced Organizational Performance
  • Focused Training Needs Analysis
  • Higher Employee Effectiveness

CAF is an ongoing process in which behavioral competencies are continually assessed and developed. Periodic assessments are crucial when it comes to evaluating the impact of investments for development plans. This is particularly important in today’s fast paced dynamic business environment. Being able to understand current capabilities and develop new ones is critical to staying on top of excellence curve.

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